Chaffee County 4H

4-H IS…Youth Development and people-sharing, learning, growing-becoming the best they can be.

4-H IS… Life Skills. Through real-life situations, 4-H helps youth develop life skills such as: communication, citizenship, decision-making, leadership, interpersonal relations and community and global awareness. 4-H IS…one of a kind! It provides learning experiences in which youth, with help from parents, interested adults and older youth leaders, grow personally as they develop skills for living. 4-H’ers have fun while they work and learn together. 4-H takes place in meetings, project groups, individual project work, schools, special activities or events. Skills learned through 4-H help people become better members of their families, communities and world. 4-H participants explore careers and positive leisure time activities. The mission of 4-H is “the 4-H Youth Development program creates an educational environment for positive development of culturally diverse youth, which enables them to reach their fullest potential.” 4-H accomplishes its mission through non- informal education.

4-H IS…a family affair. 4-H is centered in the home and family. Members and parents often attend meeting together. Work on projects takes place at home-in the yard or around the kitchen table-with guidance from a parent, an older brother or sister, or a neighbor. The 4-H member needs the support and encouragement of a family. Growing together through 4-H strengthens the family.

4-H IS…a publicly supported informal education pro- gram. County, state and federal funds are combined in a unique partnership to support this educational program. The curriculum is provided through Colorado State University.

To join 4-H as a traditional member, youth must be between the ages of 8 and 19, as of the first of the year. Cloverbuds are ages 5-7, also as of January 1 of the starting year. Parents primarily teach the Cloverbuds, while adults of any age can become 4-H leaders for clubs, projects, or activities. For more information, please contact Chaffee County Extension at (719) 539-6447.